Frequently Asked Questions

Will my alarm still work if my power goes out?

Your backup battery will keep the system active. A power outage can cause the trouble light to come on, but should clear when power is restored. Refer to system manuals for trouble shooting.

How long will my system’s backup battery last?

Most cases 24 to 48 hours. The battery will be recharged once power is restored and can take up to 72 hours to fully recharge. Once the battery is recharged the trouble light should go out.

How am I supposed to do the required monthly testing?

Your window and door contacts are best tested by activating your chime mode and opening and closing each making sure the chime is sounded. To test communications simply arm the system and set it off, wait for the call from our monitoring station and let them know you are testing.

How do I test my glass break?

Call for service.

How do I test my smoke detector?

Smoke detectors are supervised by the control panel 24 hours a day whether the system is armed or disarmed. If there are any troubles with your fire protection your keypad should let you know.

I think my smoke detectors are beeping.

A beeping smoke is a sign of a low battery. If one of our monitored smoke detectors has a low battery the trouble light on the keypad will be displayed. If no trouble light is present and you are still hearing the beeping it is most likely one of your house smokes detectors which we can not service. Most smoke detectors use a 9 volt battery which can be purchased anywhere batteries are sold and can be easily replaced.

My clock is showing the wrong time.

Refer to system manual for resetting.

How do I change my codes?

In addition to the master code most systems offer secondary user codes. Refer to your system manual for resetting.

How do I find out why my trouble light is on?

A trouble light can be caused by many different problems, and has a different meaning for each type of system. Refer to system manuals for troubleshooting.

How do I change my batteries?

Your system back up battery is located in your main control panel and can be easily replaced. Remove the old battery and re connecting the red and black leads to the new battery. The leads and battery are color coded to prevent incorrect installation. If you need to change the contact and motion batteries you will need to remove the cover of the contact or motion. The contact batteries will always be inserted with the positive side, (the side with the writing and the + sign) facing up. Motions use a 9 volt battery and can only be installed one way. Once the batteries are replaced your system will need to be reset. Enter your code and press off, enter code press test, enter code and press off again.

What is radio trouble?

Radio trouble is caused by an outside radio signal interfering with the transmission of the wireless devices on your alarm. In most cases this can be cleared by entering your code and pressing off, enter code and press test, enter code and press off again. In most cases this will clear the trouble light. If this problem is repetitive there could be a low battery or a problem with a contact.

Why does my motion cause a false alarm even when there is no one inside?

A motion detector looks for movement and temperature change in the area. Most false alarms are caused by pets. Even if you have a pet motion certain movements and erratic behavior from the pet can be picked up. Cats are the main cause because of their ability to jump. Try to keep ceiling fans off and do not place indoor trees or tall plants directly in front of the motion detector and keep tall cabinets and furniture that is accessible by pets away from the motion detector.

Why does my keypad show memory on it?

The alarm memory let’s you know what zone caused the alarm. To reset, arm and disarm the system.

Part of my contact fell off and the zone is showing open?

Contacts have 2 parts, one mounted on the frame and a second piece mounted on the window or door. Most contacts are mounted using double sided tape and a silicone adhesive instead of screws to prevent damage to the window. Time and moisture build up can cause the adhesive to loosen. Contacts can be remounted using any sort of 2 sided tape and silicone or any other type of waterproof adhesive.

How can I arm my system with a window open?

Most alarms have a bypass feature that will allow you to arm the system with a window open. Refer to system manuals for bypassing zones.

If I am adding on to my home can I add on to my existing security system?

In Most cases your existing security system can be expanded to secure your home addition. If the addition is going to be 2-story, it should be pre wired before insulation and drywall are installed to ensure the devices can be placed in the desired locations. Contact our service department for estimates. closed answer

Is there anything I need to do when I replace my windows?

If possible remove the contacts and magnets and keep in a safe place for remounting. If the window contacts are hardwired into the system be sure the wires are pulled thru the new windows for easy remounting. Make sure the window and door installers are aware you have a security system so they install the new windows accordingly.

Can I secure a storage unit outside?

Outdoor storage areas can be contacted but will have to be hardwired into your system thru conduit. A 1 or 2 inch PVC pipe with a pull string must be ran from the building to the house prior to the service call. It is best to leave the pipe exposed and unglued to prevent any blockages when the technician is onsite.

How do I change my contact information?

Call us and we will be happy to update your records.


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